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Agile Programme/Project Management

The Agile approach has developed over the past 20 years as a response to some of the shortcomings of the traditional “waterfall” approach. While maintaining the disciplines of project management, the focus of Agile is on achieving value via an approach where:

  • Outcomes and benefits are agreed at the outset, then reviewed and adjusted if needed;
  • Everyone is involved throughout – no ivory towers or “them and us”;
  • The project delivers often and well – a working solution is the primary measure of progress.

In practice, Agile Programme and Project Management is a balance between the art of managing people and teams and the science of managing process and technology to achieve a common end.

We have learnt from the Lean principles of adding value and eliminating waste, and our management approach has delivered results. It’s not an alternative to methodologies such as MSP, PRINCE2 and P3M3(*), it’s about how they are applied. Agile is not Anarchy. Agile requires a more disciplined approach than other methods. Clear programme structures and disciplines must be established at the start and the environment controlled throughout. But waste, in the form of project bureaucracy, must be avoided. 

* PRINCE2® and P3O® are Registered Trade Marks of the Office of Government Commerce;  MSP® is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.