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Agile Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) addresses the perennial problem of aligning IT with the business, on the scale of the largest enterprises, like global businesses, and government departments.

Even the simplest enterprise is immensely complex, too complex for any human to understand, or model, in any detail; moreover every enterprise is constantly evolving, reorganising at all levels, forming and disbanding teams and projects, adapting to its changing external environment.

In our experience, any attempt to understand and exploit an enterprise architecture has to be Agile. 

  • It's not feasible to have a complete EA 
  • You have to focus on why the organisation needs an EA, and what outcome and benefits are required
  • Those benefits will change over time, possible quite quickly once the potential of EA is appreciated, so the EA team must be responsive to its customers, to meet their changing needs

Our EA consultants have worked across UK government, notably on the creation of MODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework), and on the Enterprise Architecture for NPfIT.