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Lean + Agile

We have developed and successfully applied a Lean+Agile methodology to deliver service improvements – cost savings and service effectiveness – with a clear focus on achieving sustainable benefits sooner, avoiding excessive levels of transformation investment, and reducing risks significantly.

The methodology is based on a combination of Lean and Agile techniques. Lean, in broad terms, helps us to establish what change is needed. Agile is applied as a powerful approach for how business change is delivered.

Both are focused on paying more attention to where we are today, and taking incremental steps to identify and deliver change. Both are focused on a strong assurance of the business value from those change steps. And both are effective channels and routes into a culture of continuous improvement. Our methodology includes ways of:

  • Establishing the objectives and scope of change – and managing the dynamic evolution of change projects / programmes
  • Creating and developing a Lean + Agile change team and building Lean + Agile change capability within the organisation
  • Identifying opportunities for service improvement – through a range of techniques including facilitated innovation workshops, Lean value stream analysis, and resource continuity / utilisation assessments
  • Assessing and prioritising options for change using Agile prioritisation matrix incorporating “value” and “difficulty” – to achieve the “low hanging fruit” principles
  • Managing stakeholder attitudes, overcoming resistance and implementing change in incremental steps
  • Assuring the realisation of benefits through a systematic learning process
  • Embedding continuous improvement (Kaizen) and learning into the operational procedures

We have used this approach successfully in large and small change programmes and projects in the public sector (Central Government, Local Government and Services) and the private sector (Service Industry, Financial Sector).