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Engaging Agile Consultants

Being Agile consultants is fundamental to the way we engage with our clients. Although every client engagement is different, here are some roles which show how we work, and how we work differently. We have a strong preference for clearly defined engagements with agreed specific outcomes, which focus both client and consultants on the task, and value for money.  

We also recognise that sometimes you don't have time to work out a precise requirement; you just know you need help; you just want intelligent people who can work with you to sort things out, to get things moving.

If you are thinking about engaging consultants, consider what you want them to deliver and how you are sharing the risk with the consultants - are you paying for their time, or their advice, or something more valuable?

Here are a few of the most common ways of successfully engaging our consultants:

Strategy  The client is looking for a step change improvement from their current performance or model but for whatever reason wants and independent perspective. Our consultants collaborate with the client to complement the client’s specific business knowledge, with the consultants’ market and cross sector perspectives, to challenge the client’s team to envisage a new future.  Strategic consultancy can be applied across the enterprise, or in specific areas of expertise, wherever a step change is required.

Review  The client recognises that there is a problem, but for whatever reason wants an independent view. A review is short task, time and cost constrained, to analyse root causes of a problem. The consultant will work with the client to produce a prioritised action plan to address the problem and its causes.

Coach  One or more client staff are either underperforming or require new skills to perform their new role. In Agile coaching, we work with the client and the subject to prioritise needs, and work through an incremental improvement plan, with specific performance goals for each timebox.

Project/Programme Delivery  We can deliver projects/programmes for clients. Our consultants work client side, scoping, defining, and/or running the project on behalf of the client, including procurement and delivery, supported by specialist resources from the client, Cornwell, or third parties, as required. We generally take an Agile approach to planning and delivery of the project, but comply with standards like MSP and Prince2, and clients’ governance structures and compliance rules.

Project/Programme Doctor The client recognises that a dysfunctional project or programme is at risk of failure. The doctor’s role is not to complete the project/programme but to return it to health. To effect the turnaround, an Agile approach accelerates the change by focusing effort on realising immediate value for the stakeholders.  The consultant provides a role model, and mentors the project team to raise their skills and capability. Once health is restored, the client team can then resume responsibility through to completion.

Interim Manager  Our consultants can perform any of the above roles, and others, taking managerial responsibility under the direction of the client, over a period of time.