Realising Change using Agile Methods

This is a two day course with the objective of training staff who are managing and delivering a change project in the use of Agile methods. The course will help staff to reduce the risks for the project – risks around not delivering the required outcomes, over-running, over spending, or not realising the full potential benefits. Agile change methods are used to accelerate benefits realisation and optimise the value from investment in change.

The course content covers:

  • Understanding of why many change projects fail
  • The roots and principles for Agile change methods
  • The iterative, plan>change>operate>learn cycle
  • Agile techniques for project management, governance, identifying and prioritising change steps, managing and realising benefits
  • Behaviours and team working with Agile
  • Where Agile methods work best and where they don’t
  • Measuring and managing “Agile maturity”

The course will involve a series of exercises – some in a generic form, some drawn specifically from the participants work context. As well as the two days training, we also provide a follow up session with each participant to review how the training is being used and to provide further advice and support in applying the contents in the client workplace.

What will I learn?

You will come away with an understanding of the key features involved in using an Agile approach to managing change and an appreciation of the differences between Agile and conventional approaches. You will have an understanding of the risks involved in managing change and an appreciation of how Agile methods can reduce risks and deliver benefits early. You will learn a range of practical skills in applying Agile techniques and be prepared for building an Agile change team and for leading change tasks and projects using Agile methods.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for staff who are already familiar with change management methods and who have been involved in some change work, but who do not have experience of using Agile methods for managing change. It is particularly valuable for staff who are about to take a lead role in delivering a change project.

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