Building Lean+Agile Teams & Operations

This two day course develops understanding and skills in Lean+Agile methods for performance improvement. Lean+Agile builds on the foundations of Lean thinking to find more effective service solutions (“what”) and Agile principles to move forward and deliver results (“how”). It is appropriate for staff involved in delivering a service or fulfilling an internal function, who need to increase productivity, provide a better quality of service, or reduce costs. The course includes training in Lean+Agile techniques and in effective team working behaviours.

The course content covers:

  • An overview of Lean/Agile methods and the roots of the methodology
  • Rapid Improvement Events
  • Kaizen – continuous improvement
  • Lean+Agile The iterative – plan>change>operate>learn cycle
  • Lean process analysis, waste identification and flow optimisation
  • Behaviours and team working with Agile
  • Realising change and banking benefits
  • Ensuring continued attention to performance and performance improvement

The course will involve a series of exercises – some in a generic form, some drawn specifically from the participants work context. As well as the two days training, we also provide a follow up session with each participant to review how the training is being used and to provide further advice and support in applying the contents in the client workplace.

What will I learn?

You will learn about Lean+Agile methods for improving the operational performance of a service team. You will understand what can potentially be achieved using Lean+Agile methods and appreciate the actions that need to be taken to implement Lean+Agile. You will learn a range of practical skills in using Lean+Agile techniques – such as managing Rapid Improvement Events, and identifying and eliminating waste. You will understand the behavioural issues in introducing Kaizen – continuous improvement. You will be prepared for implementing Lean+Agile and improving service performance in your workspace.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for team leaders or senior team members who want to improve the performance (increasing productivity, improving quality or reducing costs) of their team operations and to develop the team to take ownership, work together and achieve results.

For further information on pricing and dates please email

We can also run this course as an internal course for a single team within a client organisation – tailored to the individual circumstances. Call for more information about what that involves.