Agile in Business - Overview

This is a one day course focused on Agile in business. The course explains what Agile is, how Agile can be applied in business management, and provides practical case studies that put the concepts into real world context.

The course will work through the roots of Agile methods and explore the different common philosophies and techniques for using Agile in business. Case studies will be presented and analysed by the participants round the table. Participants will be encouraged to talk about their own business perspective and to use the session to relate Agile to their particular business environment.

What will I learn?

At the end of this one day overview of Agile in Business, you will have an understanding of what the term “Agile” means, based on a range of popular views. You will learn about the key features of an Agile approach in management and appreciate the potential benefits of using Agile and the costs. As well as the principles, you will start to understand the practical implications of using Agile in specific business activities and appreciate the necessary changes involved in introducing Agile methods.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at managers and executives who want to know what the potential of Agile is, and to have enough understanding of the benefits and the approach to using Agile in order to make a decision about whether to bring Agile into their organisation.

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