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Agile Training and Seminars

Agile methods empower today’s business environment. 

With the pressures to deliver quickly, to focus on the critical operational issues, to learn and be responsive in an uncertain and changing context, your teams have to sustain top performance through continuous change.

Cornwell has a deep knowledge of Agile methods and extensive practical experience of using Agile in a number of disciplines to improve performance and deliver results. We use that knowledge and experience to provide a range of Agile training, education and personal coaching services at levels from “awareness” to “practitioner”.

These are four open courses that we run throughout the year:

We can also create a tailored Agile training course addressing the specific needs of your organisation. To find out more about what we can do, and to discuss your training needs, call 01372 454648, or email training@cornwellbc.co.uk.