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Electronic Health Records

Cornwell Business Consultants and Picosea are working together to create a unique offering delivering independent consultancy to Hospital Trusts helping them with the migration of paper based records into an Electronic Health Record.

Hospitals throughout the UK are looking at this issue and considering the options that need to be established in an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution which will address the dual issue of access to historical health records (the paper casenote) and the need for continued use of paper as the primary need to capturing patient information. 

Our consultants have been working in this field for over five years and worked with a number of Trusts.  Based upon our experience, we offer client side consultancy support from the initial phases of the project through to the completion of the implementation of the solution:

  • Options and Feasibility Analysis - defines the scope of the work, justifying the need to develop a business case having engaged the key stakeholders
  • Business Case Development:
    • The Strategic Case - identifying the strategic objectives allowing them to improve service delivery and reduce costs
    • The Economic Case - to examine the options for best value for money, evaluating the best fit with business requirements, costs, benefits, risks, capability to implement
    • The Commercial Case - this will describe a solution and recommended procurement strategy for securing external services
    • The Financial Case - sets out how investment in EDM fits the organisation’s affordability constraints and cash flow forecasts
    • The Project or Programme Management Case will explain the transition to the new EDM environment, including the new organisational structure, outline plans and milestones, risk management strategy and benefits realisation strategy 
  • Project Management Support - for the requirements and implementation, involving staff in revising key hospital processes and practices, to ensure the promised benefits are realised
  • Procurement and Contractual Advice - client side support to help the Trusts throughout the procurement stages with the selection of:
    • Software and hardware, integration services
    • Transition services
    • Process capture services.