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Agile in Government

The expectations of Government continue to grow from citizens, businesses and the pressures of reform. Citizens are accustomed to prolific choice and high levels of customer service - they expect no less from their Government.

The pace of reform continues as the coalition rolls out new policies, against the austere backdrop of deficit reduction.

Faced with external threats from financial insecurity, climate change, man-made and natural disasters, cyber warfare, terrorists and insurgents, and any number of other crises, the machinery of Government is having to work ever harder, with reducing resources, just to stand still.

Moreover, Government operates at a scale that few corporations can match.  The Institute for Government's System Error report and the Government's own ICT Strategy demand greater use of Agile techniques.  Is it possible to be Agile on such a scale?  Not immediately, but the challenge Government faces every day is how to do more, with less, faster, with reduced risk (and cost) of failure.  

We are building a record of projects where Agile has been applied successfully in Government, in increasingly larger problem domains.  Adopting an Agile approach has shown real benefits for Government: 

  • Agile shortens the cycle time from decision to benefits
  • Agile reduces the risk of unacceptable outcomes
  • Agile reduces the risk of time and cost overruns
  • Agile assumes, even encourages, changes of direction mid-project

Being Agile will help the public sector organisations implement change more professionally, more responsively, more quickly.

Government's dependence on the private sector to deliver technological solutions creates enormous challenges.  Agile promotes a different model to risk sharing that conflicts with historic contracting models.  Many of the newer models are almost as restrictive of agile thinking, leaving the client with as much risk, and the suppliers able to avoid their share.

Cornwell consultants understand the issues of transforming Government and have the experience, knowledge and expertise required to help organisations in the public sector become Agile.

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