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Benefits of Agile

Organisations can benefit from using the Agile methodology in many ways:
  • Return on Investment – Agile will allow you to see the benefits of the work delivered and completed in shorter timescales, delivering the benefits of the change at an earlier stage than before through faster delivery and focused outcomes.
  • Increased control – Agile focuses on the direction of the organisation, making progress visible and meeting your goals.
  • Cultural changes - adopting an Agile approach engages all stakeholders in the process, building a virtuous circle, embedding speed of change and increasing effective communication.
  • Embracing change – teams and organisations can embrace change through the tools, processes, flexibility, roles and principles of Agile. Change is no longer a threat.
  • Creates effective and fast learning – this approach allows everyone in the organisation to find the best way to deliver results quickly and efficiently, reacting to change.
  • Improved risk management - Agile values give a different, more relevant, understanding of risk exposure and the effects of mitigations. Agile methods highlight key risks earlier, giving time to act, and adapt, improving the quality of the outcome.

In summary - an Agile Enterprise