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Agile Enterprise

Imagine an Agile Enterprise - how would the people be behaving, how would they be working together, making decisions?

In our experience, managers are looking for flexibility, speed of response, goal focus, customer focus, innovation.

Agility demands delegation, devolvement, empowerment, focus on outcomes, dynamic self-organising teams, continual change. But enterprise complexity and scale imply hierarchical structures, accountability, compliance, reporting lines, plans, budgets, and limited resources. The Agile Enterprise finds the balance.

  • The Agile Enterprise responds instinctively to its customers and stakeholders, and to its leaders. As priorities change, everyone in the organisation responds, coherently, and with a single purpose. It’s almost self managing. Over worked executives now have time to lead.
  • The Agile Enterprise reacts instantly to competitive challenges, without waiting for board approval - focusing on the outcome, at every level - personal, team, department, enterprise.
  • The Agile Enterprise still has budgets, controls and governance, but no more than necessary. Risk is managed at the right level, before it is too late.  

Enterprises don't become Agile overnight, its a journey, often tortuous. If you'd like our help on your journey, then contact us.