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Agile Cloud

The cloud changes everything! Or does it?

For many, the cloud is a great enabler of agility.  You can expand and contract your capacity, and associated costs, to meet demand. New applications and services can be built and launched quickly with minimal capital investment and therefore reduced risk using cloud technologies.  Business applications built as Software as a Service, can be built and deployed incrementally on a cloud platform. Small and medium enterprises no longer face the struggle to recruit and retain the skills necessary to build and operate modern IT architectures. 

Against those advantages are concerns about data security, and key supplier risks, which are often enough to discourage CEOs and CIOs from realising the potential benefits.  

For each organisation the options for exploiting cloud are wide and varied.  The vision of successful cloud computing for the organisation may be unclear.  And yet the relentless competitive pressure demands immediate action.  Should you follow the proven success, or leapfrog by creating your own cloud model?

We are helping clients to understand the potential of cloud for their business, and how to plan an incremental journey to exploit cloud technology.