Agile Thinking

We are an Agile company.  We employ Agile people.

Is that surprising? How could we not employ Agile people?

Humans have evolved as agile creatures. 
Maybe we are not as physically agile as some animals, like cats, or monkeys, but many athletes, gymnasts, climbers, and dancers show some astonishing physical agility.  
We do have agile minds. Our ability to think fast has given us a huge advantage.  We can perceive and analyse enormously complex situations, and quickly formulate and execute plans to resolve our problems.  We can make connections between widely diverse ideas. We can create great art and technological innovations.
But sometimes we get it wrong.  Our intelligence can be our downfall.  We over elaborate.  We create complexity instead of simplicity.  We build machines and processes that constrain us as much as they help us.  We create rigidity instead of flexibility.  We focus on the detail instead of the big picture.    

At Cornwell, we encourage, even demand, that our people are Agile, that they are human, that they bring all their diverse skills knowledge and experience, and try to do something new and extraordinary.