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Our Core Team

Our core team brings the knowledge, insight and wisdom that comes from a lifetime in consulting. 

Keith Cornwell, non-executive chairman.  With a lifetime of experience in the Consulting profession, Keith brings insightful leadership to the team.

John Douglas, non-executive director, and one of our most respected consultants. John brings his deep knowledge and experience of an extraordinary range of subjects, from corporate finance to government security, from IT architectures to EU procurement.

Dominic Cornwell, executive director, responsible for the operational side of the company and leading sales, business development and marketing. Dominic brings extensive experience of the public and private consulting sectors to lead the development of Cornwell's activities. dominic.cornwell@cornwellbc.co.uk

John Cook, executive director, responsible for the delivery side of the company and leading service provision. John brings a breath of experience of commercial, technical and training transformation and product development programmes from the critical systems, aerospace, and airline sectors.